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Helps & Troubleshoots

The video isn’t working! What shall I do?

Our videos work via Flash players, so first make sure you have the latest downloaded. Click here to get Flash player. For some premium content you may to have a Silverlight video player installed. To get the latest Silverlight player here.

The video keeps stopping to buffer, what can I do?

Those annoying stops and starts are usually due to network congestion, meaning there’s not enough bandwidth to stream the video you want. Buffering is when the video server stores data to the buffer for a few seconds so that if your network slows, it will continue to play. This means, if your bandwidth is not enough to stream video files, it will automatically adjust to suit your bandwidth needs. And it will do it without you needing to do anything!

No Sound?

Make sure your audio is not on mute and that you have the latest codecs for your player. We recommend this for the latest codec list. Click here to get the latest codec.

Sound plays too fast

Does the audio sound like a chipmunk? Try updating your flash player or reinstalling it again. If you have earlier versions, this may result in the distorted audio. To get your update click here.

How do I find the videos I want?

If you want to see more, just click on Channel List for a full listing channel available on Tonton Live. Just click on the thumbnails to play the video. You can also search according to title or just simple keywords. Search is located top right on header.


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